Episode Four “Combining a family caring role with paid employment- A family carers perspective”

In our fourth episode “Combining a family caring role with paid employment- A family carers perspective” Ms. Catherine Cox, Head of Communications and Policy at Family Carers Ireland is joined in conversation by family carer Ms. Lizzie Falconer. As one of over 250,000 family carers in Ireland combining caring and paid employment, Lizzie shares her lived experience of the challenges and issues trying to combine these two roles. Lizzie also outlines how employers can and do support her to meet the commitments of these roles and how family carers can be an asset to employers due to the skillset, passion and work effort they can bring to their employment. Podcast released on10th of June 2022

“We understand the complexity of things….we actually get stuff done, because we have no choice, we get stuff done for the people we care for every day, and I think we can translate that into a professional environment.”

Ms. Lizzie Falconer, Family Carer

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